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The Talented & Gifted Award-Winning Author & Filmmaker  Joan Montreuil

 Coaching | Consulting | Cultivating | Mentorship
WP Production provides industry-standard services in all aspects of the film production process from preproduction, production, and post-production. Creating a high-quality combination of beautiful, cinematic, imagery, plus music, lighting, and editing, allows clients to have effective visuals that recreate their unique stories to ultimately share them with their audience. In addition, they create content specifically for all broadcasting, social media, streaming platforms, and television. Their work has received over 40 million views combined and sold their films to worldwide distribution companies.
Joan's work has been acknowledged by the mayor of Houston, Tx, and New Orleans, Louisiana where she had shown her commitment to various underprivileged communities. Joan's serial entrepreneur abilities, she has been awarded the "Best Female Filmmaker, Best Editor, Best Screenwriter, Best Audience Award" and plenty of others in film competitions. This year she celebrates a huge film festival awarded by African American Women In Cinema. 
This international exposure and recognition have inspired her to continue creating original content and expanding the company.
WP is dedicated and committed to the creation of more ground-breaking, bar-raising, and down-right fun-loving video productions. From films and documentaries to music videos, Wisdom Production is on a mission to expand horizons and surpass all our client's expectations. “We understand that every client's voice is unique, which gives us a new opportunity to create original content people will enjoy time and time again.” Joan Montreuil.