$325  [Full Reel]

If you don't already have a reel, this is the option for you. Our showreel editing packages take place entirely online, so you'll just need to send us your footage(email us, send the URL links or mail us a DVD)and any edit notes you have. We'll take care of the rest. You don't have to leave your home,  everthing will be sent to you online. 
Actor's Demo Reel Pricing
As you all know editing a quality sizzle/demo reel is a huge part of getting, auditions, or agents. Whether you're an actor, director, cinematographer, or anything else, I will edit you a quality reel to suit your requirements.

Our services:
Professional demo reel
Color correction
Title Cards
Cinematic color corrections
Cinematic demo reel
Acting demo reel
Video editing

What are you waiting for? If you are a Professional Actor and you need an  ACTING Demo REEL, and place your order before December 1st, you will recieve 30% off. 
Please contact us before ordering.

$225  [Re-Edit]

If you already have a reel and you want to re-edit by switching footage, shortening the scene, correcting audio, we can do this. We will need you to setup a consultation, send us your footage and current real and give us the instructions about what you need to reedit. We guarantee a three-day turnaround. 

Package 3
$500  [ Shoot A Scene]

Don't have enough footage to create a reel? Need to shoot a scene to add to your current reel or replace footage? We offer the option of shooting a scene of your choice. We can shoot a high-end scene HD footage to add to your professional reel . Request a consult and let us help you go to the next level. 
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