Children are a gift from the LORD. But what happens when everything about this gift appears to be otherwise? Due to much suffering I almost gave up, being a mother, I lost all hope, bombarded with heartache, shame and defeat. I often wonder; why is this happening to me?  Yes, I have been upset and have blamed God for my afflictions.  Yes, I have also  questioned Him, accused Him, and became extremely bitter but I never stopped believing that the best was yet to come. I hope that by reading this book you will be inspired to see past your situation and never stop believing. At the lowest point our  life, GOD is there. I was comforted and counseled by the Holy Spirit which kept me in perfect peace.As I continued to walk on this difficult path, I was able to cultivate a greater purpose in my life. I found GOD amid my pain and sorrow and he made my heart glad. He reshaped my pain to bring forth a passion entailed with purpose. From my suffering, came in depth prayers, fasting and seeking His face that would produce this book.
What happens when you finally marry the man you fell head over heals with and soon discover that he has been unfaithful? Not once but twice! After experiencing such devastation, you are soon bombarded with questions like; “is my “fairytale wedding” over? Did I not hear the voice of GOD, clearly? Did I use this method of Marriage as a defense to comfort my fears and doubts or did I marry the wrong man, for surely the man that I love, and who loves me, will never bring harm to me? My book is purposefully written to encourage women who have struggled to maintain their vows due to hurtful events, specifically ADULTERY! No marriage is perfect, but there are a format and a formula to follow when the union is facing hardship. God has already provided a plan to conquer the worst scenarios. Although he carries our grief, it doesn't mean that we won't feel it. So then, after the pain, are you planning to stay? Then, if you are you need this book!  OVER 102 BOOKS SOLD!
For this reason, He sent his word; and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Psalm107: 20 A person can never determine if something or someone is destructive unless there is something to compare it to. My childhood would entail a destructive environment but when every one is operating in the same mindset, same habits, same beliefs eventually you will own this behavior and eventually become the product of that environment. When there is no order or guidelines to follow, life can be unrestricted but dangerous. But who doesn’t have rules? Everyone has rules. Even the most prominent leader. Rules can be a blessing when applied to your life. As for me, I lived an unrestricted life, one with little to no supervision. Not to mention, I knew the Lord, grew up in the Church but was lead astray after experiencing the lust of the flesh. But I found my way back home and I couldn't be more happier to be a Christian! Let me tell what salvation means to me. Order my book!

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Have you ever wanted to break into the film industry but did not know where to start? Were you discouraged when you learned that this career is slow-paced and requires patience?  Well, Joan have called on a few local filmmakers to share their testimony with the world on how they fell in love with the Art of Storytelling, and it has yet to pay off, but they are determined to see the goodness of the Lord.   This book is to inspire individuals who are new to the industry and to connect with these amazing women! They share with us what it takes to become and storyteller and remain in the game. Preorder your copy today!  10% of proceeds will be used on film projects. 

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