Even The Smallest Task Matters
Filmmaking is composed of countless tasks, and all of them matter-even those they may seem mundane, such as photocopying, filing or making sure the crew has lunch. Perform these tasks well and cheerfully, and you'll prove you're capable of greater responsibility. Nobody wants to micromanage you, so demonstrate that you don't need close supervision by keeping track of what's assigned (write assignments down; it's a good idea to carry a small notebook), giving the tasks your full attention and reporting back on what you've accomplished. Remember, too, that films are collaborative and are often made in fits and starts, which means that your work needs to be easily shared among colleagues both now and in the future. Organization and a willingness to go the extra step are important. (Conversely, if you're disorganized, sloppy, a complainer, or someone who needs a lot of attention-such as sharing a ride to a remote location and then telling the producer you need to leave early-you're not likely to be invited back.)  Joan Montreuil
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